Monday, 28 May 2012



kellie-the-vegetarian:findingthinagain:strongaly:sur-le-tas:tiffany-do:starvingforperfection123:I’m “good.”Seven more pounds til I am considered “perfect.”A million years til I consider myself perfect.What has the media done to girls? 128 pounds at 6 feet? Really?114lbs at my height lol hell naw. I’m good nowSTOP THIS MADNESS SHIT. THIS IS A SHIT CHART. Stop depriving yourself of food and health. The next time I see this chart again on my dash, I am going to print this chart, make my friend’s dog shit on it, and post a picture of it.Oh yes, because when I was unhappy with my body and thought I needed to lose weight, I was pretty good. When I was embarrassed to wear shorts and wouldn’t let my boyfriend touch my stomach, it’s okay, because I was good. Then when my body was shutting down, I was finally perfect. When I lost almost half of my hair, I sure was perfect. When I refused to eat with my boyfriend’s family, I was the hottest girl on earth. Man it felt so good to be perfect and to cry at the doctor’s office. It was the coolest thing ever to lie to everyone I loved and alienate friends because they worried about me. I just loved exhaustion and anxiety and being alone. It was so cool to never have fun. Just perfect, really. Perfect like the way I’d take my pulse before bed and wonder if I’d wake up the next morning. Perfect like secretly doing pushups in the bathroom because I’d eaten too many strawberries. Life is so perfect when you lose weight.Now my life is so bad because I’m not good or perfect anymore. I must totally suck because I make good grades and have friends. Life is just terrible because my boyfriend doesn’t get mad at me anymore for making a scene over food, and I go to family gatherings and talk to people instead of thinking about food and trying to not to have a panic attack. I’m just so miserable because I gained weight, not to mention ugly and incompetent. I mean, what does it matter that I play college soccer and lift heavy weights and have more love in my life than ever before? Life should be terrible because I’m not perfect, right?I mean it makes so much sense.AHHH ACJSNCOASO SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE ABOVE COMMENT ^Uhmmm. So you’ve all seen how thin my body naturally is… and I weight about 107lbs (at about 5’8”). Why EVER would a “perfect” weight for my height be any lower than that? If I can keep such a low weight because of a fast metabolism, how is someone with a slower metabolism going to get so low? Exactly. It’s not healthy if they can.This chart is ridiculous and I hope none of you think you have to follow it in order to have the perfect body. read more..

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