Saturday, 26 May 2012

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Think Twice and Ask Questions: Garage Sale Safety Tips

Garage sale season is underway as communities, neighbourhoods and families put tables of used items up for sale. Garage sales are a great place to find deals but please think twice and ask the right questions before making a purchase:— Helmets Ottawa Public Health recommends that you never buy one used because you can’t always see the damages a helmet has received. This means that you can’t be certain that it will provide you with the protection you need from a major impact. For tips to help you choose the right helmet  and ensure a good fit visit:
If you are planning to buy a helmet, you may want to consider buying one on June 2, 2012 when there will be discounts from twenty three retailers participating in Capital Velo fest!  Participating retailers, location, as well as the discount being offered will all be made available at:
- Car Seats must have a National Safety Mark or the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards label.  Contact Transport Canada at 613-998-8616 to find out about recalls or public notices.  A car seat is not safe for use after 10 years. Also, car seats bought in the United States do not meet Canadian Standards and are illegal for use in Canada.
- Corded Window Coverings can pose a threat to children because they can become strangled in the cords. Make sure all safety devices, warning labels, and instructions come with these items.- Strollers made before 1985 do not meet current safety regulations, as such should not be bought.  Strollers must have clearly marked the manufacturer name, date and model to check for recalls.  Wheels, brakes and locking mechanisms must be checked to ensure they’re in working order.
- Cribs made before 1986 do not meet current safety regulations, as such should not be bought.  Check to make sure there is a label that shows the crib meets CSA standards. It is not recommended to use cribs that are older than 10 years because they are more likely to have parts that are broken, worn or missing.  Be aware that you can bring home beg bugs if you buy used furniture and mattresses. Inspect all used furniture and mattresses for signs of bed bugs. Refer to for more information.Anyone holding a garage sale is legally responsible for ensuring that the items are safe and meet regulatory requirements, but it’s still important for buyers to take charge of becoming informed about the item they want to buy.  Please note that Health Canada has banned the selling of babywalkers and lawn darts with elongated tips because they pose an unreasonable danger in their normal use.  For more information about garage sale safety, please visit: more information on this and other topics, please call the Ottawa Public Health Information Line at 613-580-6744 ¦ TTY 613-580-9656, visit read more..

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