Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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Ecstasy Use During Pregnancy May Harm Fetus: Study

TUESDAY, Feb. 28 (Healthday News) -- Taking the hallucinogen ecstasy during Pregnancy may harm the health of the fetus and lead to poorer motor control in infants, a new study suggests. read more..

FDA adds diabetes, memory loss warnings to statins

(Reuters) - U.S. health regulators will add warnings to the labels of widely used cholesterol lowering drugs, such as Lipitor, to indicate that they may raise levels of blood sugar and could cause memory loss. The Food And Drug Administration announced the changes to the safety information on the labels of Statins such as Pfizer Inc's Lipitor, AstraZeneca's Crestor and Merck & Co's Zocor. Statins have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and Heart Disease, and the FDA said the new information should not scare people into stopping taking the drugs. ... read more..

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Margaret said...

This is a good action made by the FDA. But, I'm not satisfied in what they did. They should have banned statins. You know why right?

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